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Selected Writing

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*The Anti-Terror Raid That Asked All The Wrong Questions  December 15, 2015
As Refugee Issue Divides U.S., Germans Come Together  November 18, 2015
*How Germany's Far Right is Trying to Exploit the Refugee Crisis September 21, 2015
Refugees Arrive at Hungary's Gates, Only to Find Gates, and Dreams, Shut Down September 16, 2015
Iraqi Family Whose Photograph Went Viral Describe Their Harrowing Journey  September 9, 2015
Syrians Join Germans In Welcoming A New Wave Of Refugees  September 6, 2015
*Alan Gross and the High Cost of Democracy Promotion  June 30, 2015

Virginia Quarterly Review

*The Lessons of Atmeh Fall 2014
The Poet of Atmeh December 2, 2014

The New Yorker

A Hero of Tahrir Square Comes to New York  November 26, 2014
Peter Kassig in Beirut — October 9, 2014
*In Damascus, Everyone Comes to the Zeriab Cafe  April 8, 2014
Journalism Becomes a Crime in Egypt  January 31, 2014
The Worries of a Syrian Rebel Commander  December 20, 2013
The Dilemma of Syria's Alawites  October 18, 2013
Timbuktu's Hopeful, Troubled Peace  October 9, 2103
The Battle of the Archives: What Egypt's Intellectuals Lost  September 24, 2013
Portrait of a Cairo Liberal as a Military Backer  August 17, 2013
Egypt's Catastrophe of Choice  August 14, 2013
Hezbollah's Latest Mission  December 2, 2009
Jimmy Carter Visits Lebanon  June 10, 2009
School Night: Lance Stephenson in High School (The Talk of the Town) — June 30, 2008
Pipe Cleaner: 9/11 Five Years On (The Talk of the Town)  September 11, 2006

popular mechanics

*Are American Special Forces Stretched Too Thin? -- May 2016

The Daily Beast

Local Truces: Syria's Sad Little Pieces of Peace  November 18, 2014
Why Humanitarians Talk to ISIS  October 24, 2014
Goodbye to the Last of Syria's Good Guys  October 2, 2014

The Huffington Post

Reporting from Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Egypt, Mali, Afghanistan, Washington DC, New York.
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Syrian Families Living Outside Turkish Refugee Camps Face Tough Conditions  May 15, 2014
Experts See Benghazi Controversy Creating 'Remote Control' Diplomacy In Conflict Zones  May 12, 2014
Some Syrian Revolutionaries Have Had Enough Of War  April 17, 2014
War In Black And White: On The Front Lines With Syria's Army  April 11, 2014
*'He Knew That Death Was Coming': Survivors Mourn After A Massacre By Syrian Rebels  March 12, 2014
Islamist Wave Is Driving Out Syria's Revolutionaries  December 12, 2013
Syrian Refugees Suffer Cuts To Food Aid And U.N. Bureaucracy  November 12, 2013
Mali's Top Islamic Leader Sees Conservative Values Flourishing At Home — October 22, 2013
Lunch With Al Qaeda: Timbuktu's Crisis Committee Had Cordial Relations With Islamist Leaders — October 11, 2013
Syrian Refugees in Lebanon Find Lifeline To Loved Ones At Cell Phone Oasis  September 3, 2013
Egypt Military Sees U.S. Aid Package As Key Part Of Honor-Bound Relationship  August 22, 2013
As Benghazi Attack Controversy Simmers, Some Diplomats Say Security Is Already Too Tight  October 10, 2012
Afghanistan: The Long and Winding Roads  October 9, 2012
As U.S. Transfers Power In Afghanistan, Accountability For Civilian Casualties Is Unresolved  July 17, 2012
*Afghanistan's U.S.-Funded Counter-Narcotics Tribunal Convicts Nearly All Defendants, Records Show  June 10, 2012
Afghanistan's Squandered Foreign Aid Has Young Businessmen Worried About Future  May 18, 2012
In Israel, Spate Of Ultra-Orthodox Incidents Rattle The Secular Mainstream  January 9, 2012
*Egypt: With Mubarak Gone And Elections Underway, Protesters Face Bloody Crossroads  December 28, 2011
Egypt: American Tear Gas, Policy Loom Over Tahrir Square  November 23, 2011
*Keystone XL: Haste And Inexperience Hampered State Department's Environmental Review  November 11, 2011

The New Republic

What to Do About Brussels  March 23, 2016 [npr] [democracy now]
The Syrian Regime's Bombardment of Rebel Cities Is Even More Vicious Than You Think  February 13, 2014
Ken Cuccinelli's War Over Health Care — March 17, 2011
*The Fixer: A Veteran's Fight To Reform The System — April 23, 2007

The Daily

Reporting from the revolution in Tahrir Square, Egypt  February 2011

The National

*Stuck in the Middle: On the road with UNIFIL in southern Lebanon  August 27, 2010
A Domestic Tragedy: Beirut's Ethiopian community mourns  March 4, 2010
*Follow the Money: The pyramid scheme behind Hezbollah's favorite financier — February 4, 2010
*All in the Family: Watching Lebanon vote from Hezbollah country  July 10, 2009

The Atlantic

961 Beer: Lebanon's Unlikely Microbrewed Beers  May 26, 2010
The Allure of Unripe Fruit  June 3, 2009

The New York Times

Unlikely Recruits Heed the Call of the Sagebrush  January 27, 2008