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On the Refugee Trail


On the Refugee Trail

Joshua Hersh

In September, I spent some time traveling across Europe -- Germany, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia -- catching up with some of the tens of thousands of refugees and migrants, most from the Middle East, as they sought refuge in Western Europe. 

In Serbia and Croatia, I met them out on hot highways and bottlenecked border crossings, where they waited for authorities to decide what to do with them, or to sort out the finer points of international diplomacy -- only to face even greater obstacles with every step. Often there was good cheer; sometimes there was frustration, even clashes.

In Germany, I watched as Germans and Syrians alike came out to welcome those who had finally made it, at the Munich train station. Later, in Berlin, I met a family whose early days on the trail were captured in a famous, and heartbreaking photograph -- they'd made it safely to their destination.

Finally, in East Germany, I took a longer look at some of the forces rising up against the tide of refugees entering Europe, especially those on the right and far-right of the political spectrum. That piece asked whether the extremist attacks against refugees and their homes were a series of isolated incidents, or whether they represented something much more nefarious, and ominous for the nearly one million refugees who can be expected to turn up in Germany this year alone.